Mitsui Fudosan Frontier REIT Management Inc.


6th Floor, Kojun Bldg., 6-8-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Access MAP

CEO and
Representative Director

Goro Toyama


August 26, 2003


¥ 450 million


Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. (100%)

Licenses and
Financial Instruments Business:
Registration No. 395 issued by Director-General of the Kanto Finance Bureau (The Financial Instruments and Exchange Law)
Building lots and buildings transaction business license:
License No. (4) 82379 issued by the Governor of Tokyo
Discretionary transaction agent:
License No. 20 issued by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation
The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
The Association for Real Estate Securitization

About Our Logo


The colors symbolize the sky, water, greenery and the earth while our logo’s unique shape simultaneously evokes the initial letter of “Frontier” and a human figure in motion, communicating flexibility and agility. The logo is designed to express both our commitment to blazing a new path at the frontier of the real estate securities market and our adherence to a corporate philosophy that focuses on making the best possible use of our expertise in commercial facilities to ensure our harmonious coexistence and mutual prosperity with the communities we serve.